Secret Diary

I’ve started my journey to getting published, so I thought I’d write a little journal to chart my progress to glorious stardom – or miserable failure.

It’s a 50/50.

I’ve identified a nice, friendly-looking agent I want to send a story to, I’m following her on Twitter and I now have a list of the authors she represents, so I can see what she’s interested in. Initially this was going to be an ultra-tricky task. Her agency website has a full list of clients, but there a few agents working there with a huge list of clients. It was going to be a long job finding out which authors were hers. Then along came Agent Hunter. I found Agent Hunter earlier today, contacted them and they have generously given me a years free subscription to their service in return for me writing something nice about them. They didn’t specify ‘nice’, but I figure it’s what they deserve as their site gives me loads of useful info on agents, including a list of the agents client list! Brilliant.

Thanks Agent Hunter!

With the info on each agent pretty detailed, coupled with a great list of agents and publishers looking out for authors produced by the saintly Lou Trevleaven. I feel I am well prepared.

My next step is to analyse this client list, find out what kind of authors the agent likes and then convince her that I am just exactly the same as her successful clients, apart from in two minor respects: I am neither successful nor one of her clients.


Oh, and I also have to redraft my epic story of sea-faring baked beans so it’s 100% amazing.

Better get back to work, then.



25th November

Got my first rejection email for Voyage of the Bean Babies. It sucks. I thought I’d done everything right. It goes to show you can’t always plan your way to success. Still, the advice is always not to give up, so I won’t. To get an agent with my submission of my first picture book was a high target, but it’s good to aim high, eh?

Okay, so I’ve now sent Bean Babies off to another couple of agents I’ve had my eye on, and I’ve not given up on First Agent. I still might have something else she will like.

And so it’s back to trusty Agent Hunter, which will give me a good list of agents to approach.

What I need right now is a heavy dose of faith, confidence and humility.

Somebody fetch me a Pope.



What are your thoughts?

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