Guinea Pigs Rule the World

Guinea pigs rule.
They really do!
They Lord it over me and you!

Who gets their food? Who cleans their poo?
It’s you, you fool.
It’s you.
It’s you!

Guinea pigs rule us all
but one day the Guinea Pigs will fall.
Another breed will take their place
and replace that twitchy hairy face.

The slugs will be the Supreme Kings!
Those evil slimy, gloopy things.

Flash Dancing

I’m currently compiling a collection of poems which I hope to publish myself this summer. As a taster, here’s a short burst of words.

I’m in the mood for dancing.
I’m in the mood for prancing.
I’m in the mood for kicking high
and kicking low.
I’ve got no pants on!


I’m in the mood for laying low.


So my bum won’t show.